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As Wasserman Bag approaches its 100th anniversary, it celebrates a rich family history and ever changing perspective on packaging.  Beginning in 1924, Max and Vera Wasserman began selling recycled cotton, burlap and onion bags.   Picking up the bags with a horse and wagon from bakeries and farms, they worked the product and resold it.  Years later, Max Kornthal began a similar business recycling coffee bags in NJ.  In the 1950’s, their children, Charles and Ilse were married and continued to grow the business.  Working from their Brooklyn warehouse, new products and new markets were developed.  In close proximity to the Brooklyn Terminal Market, they serviced the agricultural industry providing bags to farmers and repackers alike.  Realizing that agriculture was so dependent on weather conditions, and with the help of their children,  Rich and Karen, they continued expansion into packaging for plumbing supply houses, ice dealers, supermarkets, feed dealers, coal dealers, nursery suppliers and shellfish distribution to name a few.  Wasserman was seen as a one stop shopping house.  For instance, a potato packing house could buy the poly bag to put the potatoes in, the master paper bag to ship in, the wire to close the small bags, the sewing machine, thread and parts to sew the master bags and the stretch wrap to put around the pallets etc.  They would eventually relocate to Long Island where, as one customer said “Everyone in the ag industry on Long Island buys something from Wasserman”.

As the years continued, and both the family and markets changed, the business too changed. Today, Wasserman has aligned itself with seven major packaging companies to provide the best package, at competitive pricing with superb customer service.  With contacts around the globe, Wasserman continues to explore and provide new materials.

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