Corn cob

Our water-resistant paper bags and the rest of our food grade bags meet the USFDA requirements. Call 516-681-5900 or 631-335-5158 to learn more about our products today!

Corn Mesh Bag

Mesh Bags

  • 5 dozen size
    • green or yellow
    • with or without print band
  • 1 dozen size
    • plain mesh
    • with or without print band

We supply corn mesh bags made with open weave polypropylene fabric for the proper ventilation of packed corn. The bags allow air circulation around the product to ensure that they remain fresh for a longer period of time.

The corn bag print design can be customized according to your specifications. Ask for a quote now!

Corn Paper Bags


  • Special wet strength paper
  • Square bottom style bag for easy packing and palletizing
  • Stock 2 color or custom print design

The special wet strength paper we use for paper corn bags has increased water resistance to withstand tears or ruptures when saturated with water. The side seams are glued with moisture-resistant adhesive to withstand more than 6 hours of immersion in water.

We make high quality paper bags with customizable designs to fit your brand values. Call us to learn more!

Burlap Corn Bags


  • NEW Plain 5 dozen size bags (21 x 40), (23×36) and (23×40)

Our new plain corn burlap bags are made of superior quality jute fabric that’s versatile and environmentally friendly. We use only burlap fabric manufactured from premium raw materials to ensure the strength and durability of the final product.

We accept bulk corn bag orders.

Corn Boxes


  • Hold 5 Dozen Ears
  • Waxed, self-locking strong box
  • Nesting design makes them easy to palletize
  • Stock or Custom Design

We also offer durable self-locking carton boxes with waxed finish and high grade fiber material for extra strength.