Ice Bags

These bags are available for different weights of cubed ice.

  • Poly – These bags are available in various sizes and specs to match packing equipment.  Special anti skid material is used on our large size bags,
    • Stock or Custom print
  • Paper – Our standard paper ice bag can hold 10 pounds or 25 pounds of ice.It does not leak or burst easily when partially soaked. If you want a bag that does the job well withile being environmentally friendly.
    • 8-10 lb coated paper stock bags
    • 25 lb. 2 ply wet strength bags
Coal Bags

Coal Bags

High quality durable polypropylene material.  Bags are available plain or custom printed.

Heavy 2 ply paper bags available plain or custom printed.

  • 25, 40, or 50lb capacity

Industrial Bags

We offer superior quality industrial bags that can meet even the toughest requirements. These bags offer optimum protection during handling, transportation, delivery, and storage.

  • Heavy Duty plastic bags
  • Polypropylene
  • Multiwall paper Sewn or pasted open mouth bags
These bags are available plain or custom print. Perfect for hardware, fittings, construction clean-up, mulch, supplies for manufacturing, carry out parts, etc.