Onion Bag Header

If you’re looking for a reliable onion bag supplier, Wasserman Bag. provides immediate delivery of onion bags to farms, produce repackers, farmstands, or anyone needing bags, boxes, closing supplies, and packaging equipment.

When it comes to onions, there is no better way to store them than in a mesh onion bag. Crucial for long-term storage, mesh bags provide air circulation. Wassermann provides only quality sturdy products that can stand up to the rigors of shipping and handling and the weight of your produce.

Onion Bag Sizes

Our onion bags include:

  • Small 1-pound sizes – great for produce vendors
  • 50 lbs sizes – perfect for produce wholesalers and distributors
  • Master onion bags – for automatic packing machines

We also have bargains on used onion bags in 25 to 50 Lb capacity. If you want to brand your onions, we can also provide you with custom designs for your headers or print bands.

Onion Mesh Header Bag

1lb – 10lb Mesh Header Bags

  • Available with Stock or Custom Print
  • Paper, Cardstock or Laminated Paper Headers
50lb FF Onion

10lb, 25lb and 50lb Sizes

  • New bags with Drawcord and Print Band
  • Stock or Custom design

Farm Fresh Design Available

Onion Baler Bags Master Onion Bags

Master Onion Bags

  • Orange or red baler bags
  • Rollstock available for automatic packing machines**We also carry wire and label tape**

Onion Rope and Netting

  • Also available in soft net