Paper Potato Bag 50lb

We understand the importance of packaging ,potatoes. Check out a sampling of the different kinds of potato bags we offer.

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Bulk Bags Potatoes

Bulk Potato Bags

  • Our bulk potato bag is produced from unique black woven, ventilated polypropylene fabric which provides optimum airflow through the bag during normal storage
  • Black fabric is specially chosen in order to protect the potatoes from light
  • Carrying Capacity: 2500 lbs 5:1 Sf
  • Discharge: 14″ diameter spout and 18″ length
  • Loops: 4 loops, 10″ high

We use the strongest lightweight material for our bulk potato bags so they can withstand rough shipping and handling. These are durable and are tested/rated.

Mesh Potato

Mesh Potato Bags

  • 10 lb, 25 lb, 50 lb and Master sizes – drawcord closure
  • Mesh header bags for all sizes between 1lb and 10lbs
  • Custom headers available in paper, cardstock and laminated paper
    • All color mesh available
    • Different mesh types available

We use the best possible quality materials for our mesh bags so they are dependable and food quality approved.  Mesh offers color enhancement and maximum ventilation.  Plain bags are always in stock.  Customization is always available.  Call today to discuss your bag requirements 516-681-5900!

Paper Potato Bags

  • Window in 5 # 10#, 20#, and 50# sizes
  • Solid 50# size in brown or white paper
  • Master bags 10/5, 5/10 or 16/3 or combination (check off style)
  • Stock designs or custom print available
    These are just some of our designs, many more available.

Our paper potato bags are made of high quality food grade wet strength brown and white kraft paper. These bags can be customized with your design or name/address slug.. Years of experience selling paper potato bags has taught us the importance of quality control in the manufacturing process; we pride ourselves on delivering a dependable bag to you.

Poly Potato Bags

  • 5# or 10# sizes with vent holes
  • Stock designs for Eastern, Red, Russet and Yukon Gold varieties
  • Custom designs can be manufactured as per specification

Our poly potato bags minimize the greening of potatoes with the large area on the front covered with graphics that can be from our stock or your design. The back of our poly bags are clear for consumers to see the quality and freshness of the potatoes. Vent holes keep the crops fresh and dry during transport.  Bags are wicketted.  BBBBBFilm, lip size and print can all be made to your specifications and packaging machine requirements.